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Joining this Forum: Potential New members should read this

on Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:18 pm
This forum is for the exclusive use of the Fellows of the Rise High Fellowship.

To register for this forum you must be a member of that Fellowship.

All applications for membership of this forum are vetted by the Administrators of the forum.

To register:
Click on the 'Register' text to the left of the 'Log in' text.

Read the Terms of Use (ToS) and Privacy Policy (PP) and click in the check boxes at the foot of this page

Click to confirm you have read the ToS and PP

Enter your Elvenar Avatar's Name and a password for this forum. this is so we can identify who you are in-game.

On the next page, re-enter your password; this is to make sure your spell it the same way

Click the 'Verify' text and use the arrows to turn to wheel to any colour you like; this process demonstrates that you are a real human and not a bot.

Click to submit the new information.

You will get a message about new members being checked by the forum Administrators; for the moment that is me, Glynrandrel.

I will get an  e-mail telling me that I have a new member of the forum, but leave a message in chat and/or the message system, as well, just to make sure I get the message as soon as possible.

Once I have confirmed your membership you can log on to the forum.

I realise that this seems to be a lengthy process and it is. However, I need to make sure that only Rise High members can use our forum and this is the only way to do that.
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